Over 35 years of experience in developing, sustaining and creating growth in the micro business sector

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SsBA Staff and Committee


Acting Director & Property Manager                    Edith Okoth-Awuor

Finance & Admin                                                    Chanu Miah

Property Maintenance                                            Harry Ewer

Property Maintenance                                            Kamal Khan



Chair                                                                     Aziz Choudhury

Company Secretary                                            Pervez Qureshi

Tenant Member                                                    Gulam Kibria

Member                                                                 Kolqur Rahman

Member                                                                 Bruce Wood

Staff Member                                                        Chanu Miah


Lettings Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Other Policy


The SSBA is a local voluntary sector organisation and an innovative BME Social Enterprise, created in 1979 by Solon Cooperative Housing and the then mainly Bangladeshi community to improve housing and working conditions in a group of mixed residential/ commercial use properties in the Brick Lane area that were some of the worst slums in the country.

Born out of a desire to set up a housing co-operative and create "something like a housing co-operative" for the commercial tenants, at a time when "social enterprise" was not even a concept, the pioneering work of the SSBA has not only helped to transform the Brick Lane area but has also inspired and influenced much of what is now considered to be mainstream activity.

This year SSBA celebrates 36 years of achievement. It has, in that period, successfully secured and improved a portfolio of property with now over 80,000 sq ft of commercial, retail, industrial and community use space.